March Biosciences is dedicated to revolutionizing patient care by discovering and exploiting high-impact targets for cancer immunotherapy. Our lead asset, MB-105, is designed to treat relapse/refractory T-cell malignancies, currently with  no effective and curative alternative treatments 

Bioscience Programs

Phases of MB-301 in their program.

Bioscience Programs

Bioscience Programs

CAR-T Therapy

Chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cells are a powerful new therapeutic option where T-cells are engineered to specifically target key antigens on tumor cells. This boosts the natural function of T-cells against cancer cells.

Hand connected to iv drip with a T-Cell next to it.

1. Collection of T-cells:

leukapheresis is used to isolate T-cells from a patient’s blood.

2. Genetic modification of T-cells:

The patients’ T-cells are genetically engineered in a laboratory to express the CAR, specifically designed to selectively recognize antigens on the cancer cells’ surface.

A DNA helix with an arrow indicating its insertion into a T-Cell.
An arrow indicating the transition of the image above into the image below.
Chimeric Antigen Receptors (CARs) being inserted to a T-Cell.
A machine called the Instrument.

3. Expansion and activation of CAR T-cells:

The modified T-cells are expanded to increase their numbers and activated to boost their anti-cancer activity.

4. Infusion of CAR T-cells:

Following expansion and activation, the CAR T-cells are infused back into the patient’s bloodstream intravenously.

The engineered CAR-T cells will then circulate, target, and eliminate cancer cells expressing the target antigen.

A featureless person hooked up to an iv drip.
An arrow indicating the transition of the image above into the image below.
Three CAR T-Cells destroying a cancer cell.
Nurse operating an iv drip.

Ongoing trial

There is an ongoing Phase 1 clinical trial (NCT03081910) for the autologous CD5 CAR-T, developed at Baylor College of Medicine, for T-cell lymphoma and T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (TCL and T-ALL). Enrollment for this trial is ongoing and available to patients via a referring physician.

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