Transforming Patient Care by Unlocking New Target Spaces

March Biosciences is a clinical-stage company in the cell therapy field focused on developing CAR-T cell strategies to address the most challenging hematological cancers

Focused on Excellence

Target Space

Our approach combines biological and engineering insights to enable target-unlock without the risk and complexity of additional gene editing.

Cell Quality

Our team is dedicated to ensuring the underlying engine of our cell therapies achieves peak function by minimizing cell manipulations and focusing on cell quality during production.


We have developed a streamlined manufacturing process to ensure consistent and robust production of high-quality CAR T-cells.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to revolutionizing patient care by unlocking new targets for challenging indications. To meet this goal, we have developed a team of innovators and experienced cell therapy drug developers


MB-105 is a CD5 CAR T-cell therapy in clinical development for T-cell lymphoma:

Featureless person hooked up to an iv drip with a repetition symbol next to them indicating a relapse in their disease.

10-20% Of Patients

with relapsed / refractory T-cell lymphoma will survive 3 years, depending on the subtype

Narrow therapeutic options

leave patients with reduced chances for positive outcomes

Featureless person in bed hooked up to an iv drip.
A syringe piercing a blood cell.

Limited Targeted drug development

due to challenges with on-target, off-tumor toxicity

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Our Team

We have a deep, seasoned leadership team with more than 20 years of experience in the cell therapy field.

News & Publications

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